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What to Do When Your Mac Camera Is Not Working The SMC controls many of the hardware functions of your Mac, and rebooting it may serve as a solution to your problems. Apple Stores offer free technical support at their in-store Genius Bar. Share Pin Email. Michael Archambault is a technology writer and digital media specialist. Ensure your MacBook's power adapter is attached to the computer. After powering on the machine, keep the Shift, Control , and Option keys all held down at the same time.

That said, you can find plenty of good general business software for Macs, and Windows actually boasts more options in some creative areas, such as video editing and photo software. On a related note, I still find it odd that some macOS apps makes you drag a disk image to the Applications folder, and that's just one of at least three different ways to install apps on a Mac. Windows app installation is more straightforward.

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Both operating systems offer decent leeway for customization, but we are past the days of drastic interface overhauls. That said, both OSes offer choices in desktop backgrounds, screen item sizes, and screen savers.

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With the May Update, Windows follows Apple's strategy of separating the voice search from typed searches, separating out the Cortana icon from the search bar. Confirm that all open programs have been closed. Among them are mechanical and hardware problems, which are impossible to fix with software tweaks. If gaming is everything to you, for example, then Windows is a no-brainer. Please provide your comments.

Dark modes are the new rage, and both Mac and Windows offer them. The Windows 10 May Update adds a Custom option, which lets you decide whether you want dark or light mode for system elements, apps, or both. The search box in Windows 10 displays at all times, and typing in it pops up a panel with file, app, and web results. Both search features will do math; show you the weather, stock prices, and sports results; or find nearby Thai restaurants without breaking a sweat. With the May Update, Windows follows Apple's strategy of separating the voice search from typed searches, separating out the Cortana icon from the search bar.

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Windows 10 has always had full touch screen support, and it offers a Tablet mode that lets you switch between using the screen and keyboard for inputs provided, of course, that your laptop is equipped with a touch panel. I use my Surface Go exclusively as a tablet.

Pen input is another win for Windows. The support for styli on touch screens is robust, with incredibly good handwriting-to-text conversion. You can use a pen anywhere you enter text. You can use your voice for text input in any app in both OSes.

To do this in macOS, you have to specifically enable it. Once voice dictation is turned on, you can access it by double-tapping the Fn key. In Windows 10, just hit Windows Key-H for hear and you're off and dictating.

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Both work in any text field. Cortana arrived on Windows 10 a good year before Siri made it to the Mac, and is still more capable in a few important ways. Both can open apps and web pages, tell you the weather, change system settings, do math, control smart home devices, set reminders, send emails, and search the web. Both can be invoked by voice.

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Cortana can now even send requests to Amazon's Alexa. Windows has been making great strides in integrating the OS with mobile devices. Android devices in particular are well served by Windows with the Launcher and Your Phone apps, which let you share documents and web pages and conduct SMS messaging across devices. The macOS Notifications panel lets you send text messages by syncing up to a nearby iPhone, all your photos can be shared across devices in Apple Photos, you can transfer almost anything with AirDrop, and you can even engage in video calling with FaceTime between devices.

For example, you can unlock your Mac when your watch is in proximity, and the same notifications flow to both.

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That's because macOS is more document-based, while Windows is program-based. So when you click on an app's icon in the Dock, you may just see its menu at the top, but no program window.

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In Windows, tapping a taskbar icon always brings up the associated program. The macOS Dock has made strides over the past few years, with its nifty mouse-over magnification and Mojave's new feature that displays the icons of recently used apps. But the Windows taskbar is more functional.

Taskbar Jump Lists let you see recent files opened in the app or jump to frequently needed actions in that program. As mentioned in the Taskbar vs. Microsoft's OS makes it easier to arrange windows on the screen. Want an app to take up exactly half the screen?

Snap it to the left or right edge. How about have it display on a quarter of the screen? Snap it to any of the screen corners. If you run apps side-by-side, the border between them can be resized. If you want to show or switch to the desktop behind any running apps, click to the very far right of the taskbar. Nebulosity takes a different approach than many packages.

With Nebulosity , you can do all that for a fraction of the cost and with a far simpler user interface. This simpler interface has led many advanced users to abandon other packages and use Nebulosity in the field and for at least their initial processing.

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Try it and find out! The demo is free and lets you try out all the features. More info For a full run-down, have a look at the feature list in the full manual or simply download it and try it out Download page. All features are enabled when you download it as a demo, but saved images will be degraded diagonal lines superimposed until you purchase a license. Thus, you can evaluate the software extensively prior to purchase. Keep in mind, all changes are described in the Release Notes and often Pre-release versions are available with new features. Version 4 Current. Upgrades to v4. Click here to upgrade from version 2 or 3.