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How to create Normal Map in Photoshop on Mac ?

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Intel dds plugins

It does take a little cleaning up, but you have a lot of control over it. Also, with photoshop, you can create different normal maps for fine detail, medium detail, and large detail, and blend all those maps together to get a really polished result. That's why it's so popular. The point i was trying to make just so he doesn't get the wrong idea is that its not a one button jobby, you can't just click a single button and have a decent normal map.

It takes more work than that.

Joined: 3rd Jul Oolite: what would be the fun with one button clicking? Joined: 9th Jul If you're running Windows and have Photoshop go right ahead and use the Nvidia plugin, it works great for normal maps and such, I also believe that there's a standalone ATI application that does the same thing out there somewhere.

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  • Photoshop 3D – Using Depth Maps, Bump Maps, and Normal Maps!

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Normal Maps in Photoshop 3D

The NVIDIA Normal Map filter creates normal maps from grayscale height maps. of these NVIDIA plug-ins (e.g., on OSX), it works best in tandem with them. Adobe Photoshop support forum for help, tricks and tips for the graphic NVIDIA only has a Normal Map plug-in for PCs, but not for Mac.

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BenH , Oct 28, Looks very interesting. Thanks for the tipp. I remember that they stated they'd do it but there were technical problems. Hey BenH, Very cool app. Are you using the Pro or CL version with Parallels? It requires Directx 9, but that just means you cant use the big realtime preview window.

I just look at the changes to the swatches and its fine for me.

nVidia Normalmap Plugin for Mac? — polycount

I'm gonna give the pro version a try in vmWare Fusion. Hopefully it works a bit better, a 3D preview would be nice. Joined: Jun 3, Posts: My normal map workflow: A Create the model either in 3ds max or Zbrush B Unwrap the model make sure there are no inverted of overlapping faces. C Import the model into Zbrush again and paint both the diffuse map and high-res normal map.

D Export everything into 3ds max again make sure everything looks good E Minor tweaks in photoshop. Mostly getting rid of unwanted "stretches" etc. F Export to FBX and voila..

Bump Maps in Photoshop 3D

I just wanted to let you know that I asked Simone from Lisanet to trying to compile the Normalmap Plugin for gimp in her next OSX release and she actually did. It works perfectly I tested it. So if you are still looking for a way to create normals outside unity - go get it.