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5 Screensavers You Need For Your Mac
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After installation, you'll automatically be taken to the Screen Saver preferences where you can select the screen saver and make any necessary adjustments or customizations. Since the screen savers below are from third-party developers, you might need to adjust your security preferences before proceeding.

You're not limited to screen savers provided by Apple

Alternatively, you can simply control-click or right-click on the file, select "Open," and proceed as seen above. A great way of making your screen saver useful and informative is by applying an RSS feed to it.

With RSS Visualizer from developer BillyBobBongo , you can add your favorite news source and get up-to-date information with just a glance at your screen. Installing this screen saver is a little different from the rest, so consult the guide below for instructions.

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We don't always have the time to keep up with social media, but if you use Screenstagram from the Barbarian Group , it can be a little bit easier. By using your Instagram feed as the screen saver, you can see a 5x8 grid of what everyone's posting or just the pictures that you've liked.

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What is Mac OS X? Mac® OS X® is an operating system for personal computers ( PC), created by Apple. It allows you to manage files and run other programs. In our continuing quest of ridding your screens of boring images, we've covered some of the best wallpaper and screen saver apps for Mac.

If you're a fan of the classic flip clock, then you'll enjoy Fliqlo by developer Yuji Adachi. This screen saver turns your Mac's display into a giant version of a flip clock. Using the preferences, you can adjust the size and choose between a hour or hour clock. Continuing with the clock theme, Apple Watch Screensaver from dev Rasmus Nielsen is a classy display that does exactly what you'd imagine considering its name—it mimics the fancy Utility watch face found on the Apple Watch.

List of Awesome MacBook screensavers

Check out the guide below for more details. Using the preferences, you can adjust the volume level, background color, and starting point.

SaveHollywood also allows you to add multiple videos in case your screen is idle for an extended period of time. Aerial, from developer John Coates , is one of the newer screen savers on the list and provides you with the Apple TV's newest screen saver for your Mac. With beautiful views of places like China, San Francisco, New York, and more, it's difficult to not like this one.

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Like most kids growing up in the '90s, the earliest screen saver I remember is the 3D pipes from my family's bulky Windows PC. Feeding the nostalgia bug, developer Jamie Zawinski brings back a classic with his 3D Pipes screen saver for Mac. The display resembles the look of your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch lock screen, which includes the date, time, and "Slide to Unlock" text.

There is also an iOS 7 version available by Bodysoulspirit. Check out the guide below to see how to get them.

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Apple has instructions on a support page it no longer maintains that explains the Terminal commands necessary to set a screensaver. Email yours to mac macworld. Apple iMac ; Pixabay Sierra sunset. Amazon is selling some iPad Pro models for the lowest prices ever.


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