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Best Macaroni and Cheese in NYC?

Season with salt and pepper, to taste. Add in the grated cheeses about 1 cup at a time to make a cream sauce. Then, add in the lobster stock bit by bit, until you have a creamy lobster sauce. You may want to use less than the full 4 cups depending on the thickness of your sauce. Now fold in the lobster meat.

Add the pasta last, fully folding in to combine. Fill a large casserole pan with the mixture, cover with additional cheese, and bake for 25 minutes. Skip to main content. Search Term. Prev Recipe. Next Recipe. May 15, Ted Pryor. Outstanding Mac and Cheese Recipes.

Aside from Chicago Stadium, this is the hottest place in Chicago to watch a Bulls game. When pregame introductions of the Bulls' starters come onto the screen, bartenders turn off the room lights, stand on the bar and shine spotlights around the room, recreating the chaotic ambience of the Stadium.

Michael Jordan's Mac N Cheese Side Dish - Picture of Michael Jordan's Steak House, Chicago

Mafioso dons on the lam from the law can request seating in the no-spotlight section. In the restaurant foyer hangs a huge art thing that is supposed to be Jordan, and there is a massive oil portrait of a smiling Air, and posters. The dining room is an art gallery of basketball paintings, and there are about a million framed magazine covers featuring Air.

The food is good.

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Just kidding. Jordan's corporate food tie-ins are not featured on the restaurant's basic, well-rounded menu.

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I ordered fish, which is a mistake in Chicago. You don't go to a city dubbed by Carl Don't Call Me Ryne Sandburg "hog butcher for the world" and order a delicate piece of fish.

My wife also realized why Sandberg didn't call Chicago "crab butcher for the world," although she enjoyed her crab-cake dinner. My son did the right thing, ordering the macaroni and cheese, which is a cult dish because it is made from a secret recipe of Juanita Mrs. Air Jordan. Ordering something other than the mac-'n-cheese at Jordan's is like going to Graceland and asking to see the statues of Bruce Springsteen.

MacLeod was kind enough to show us the inside of the shrine de la shrine, the private Jordan dining room.

No Bake Mac & Cheese from Chef Michael Symon and BlueStar

It is a small, nondescript room reserved exclusively for Air and his pals. This is where Jordan and Barkley dined during the Finals, a meal that, continuing the religious theme, Jordan told Barkley was "your last supper. MacLeod said Jordan occasionally ventures out of his cloister and into the restaurant itself, and when he dined here after the Bulls' clincher over the Knicks in the Eastern Conference finals, Jordan leaned out of a second-floor window and tossed T-shirts to revelers on the sidewalk below.

Jordan's isn't the only celebrity restaurant in the Chicago area. Harry Caray and Oprah Winfrey have joints. Mike Ditka and Jim McMahon had restaurants that folded, because, said MacLeod, they were absentee owners, whereas Jordan shows up on a fairly regular basis. But the lure of The Restaurant is that it is Mike's. If this was Scottie Pippen's The Restaurant, or Ryne Sandberg's The Restaurant, would folks wait in line three hours for a decent meal in a pleasant setting?

Twenty minutes is a wait. Three hours is a pilgrimage. The Restaurant is a living display of the profound devotion Jordan inspires. On the way out we stopped in Michael Jordan's The Store.