Connect mac monitor to dell laptop

Mini DisplayPort The displays stay black. I also try to connect only one display, disconnecting the second one from the first but it does not work too. I will try to check and update if possible the concerned softwares boot firmware, thunderbolt driver.

Dell D6000 Universal Dock review also connecting Macbook Pro

Thank you very much for your comment. Please, let me know if you finally got the monitor and its ports working with your XPS. It should work, so I'm curious what happened with Thierry above where it worked on an HP system but not the Dell system. Another option you can try at least for testing is changing your Thunderbolt security level to "No authorization", which is done in the BIOS.

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In that case, you won't need to approve the device during the authorization popup. I don't recommend using that configuration going forward, but again it might be interesting as a data point. I come back with good news. I finally found how to solve my problem.

Pair your Macbook or Windows laptop with a USB-C monitor.

Connecting an Apple monitor to one of your business PCs first requires an understanding of the different types of monitor connections that Macs and PCs use. The two most How to Connect an HP Laptop DVI to an LCD HDMI. Connect an. I already connect my Apple Thunderbolt Display on a HP Spectre X . monitor encourages me to definitely buy the Dell XPS notebook.

I first thought that I just needed to update the Thunderbolt driver and the chipset firmware, but it was not enough. I tried to configure thunderbolt software, allowing the use of Thunderbolt devices not certified for PC. Now, all is fine!

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My two Apple Thunderbolt displays works fine with all fonctionalities integrated camera, integrated speaker, usb ports, ethernet port and using the Apple adapter Thunderbolt 3 to Thunderbolt. Thank you so much for your answer. The truth is that knowing that there is a solution to be able to continue using the Apple monitor encourages me to definitely buy the Dell XPS notebook.

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And I still have no idea how to connect it. I check out thunderbolt pre-boot settings in BIOS, it is all enabled, but apple display stays black.. How do you did that? What software you installed for connecting apple tb display? I need your help. While not commonly practiced due to Apple's proprietary monitor input design, an Apple monitor can be connected to a PC.

Software-based solution

Connecting an Apple monitor to one of your business PCs first requires an understanding of the different types of monitor connections that Macs and PCs use. Locate the monitor cable port on the back of your PC and the Mac monitor. To identify the connector types, examine the shape of the connector, count the number of pins or holes and take note of the configuration of the pins or holes. The Mac Thunderbolt connector looks identical to the mini-DisplayPort connector, but is differentiated by a thunderbolt-shaped icon near the port. Insert the Mac connector cable into its corresponding port on the monitor.

Can I use an Apple Thunderbolt monitor with a PC?

If the opposite end of your Mac connector cable has pins, you will need a female Mac to PC converter, while if it has holes, you will need a male Mac to PC converter. Connect the PC connector cable to your computer's monitor port and examine the opposite end of your PC connector cable.

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If your PC has a video card with a Mini DisplayPort output, the iMac can automatically pick up the computer's video output and display it on the large screen. September 19, You can get these from a variety of sources, but here are links to these iMac adapter cables on the Apple store website:. Hi Thierry, Thank you so much for your answer. Quit blaming Apple for your monitor issues people.

If the cable has pins, you will need a Mac to PC converter with a female PC side, while if it has holes, your converter must have pins on the PC side. Connect the PC cable to the converter, then connect the Mac cable. Tighten all connections if necessary, then power on your monitor and computer.

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