Batman arkham asylum mac review

Batman: Arkham Asylum Review
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Atmospherically and technically, Arkham City is a marvel. As the Game of the Year Edition, this combines the original title not available on its own on the Mac with content including new maps, new playable characters each with unique skills and strategies to employ , Batman character skins ever wanted to play in the Batman Beyond costume? Or the vintage Batman outfit? Walmart offers rare discount on first-party Apple Watch sport bands. Except Robin. There is no Robin in this game. One of those classic elements is the utility belt.

Review: Batman: Arkham City Game of the Year Edition

Initially, Batman only has batarangs and the grapple gun. As the story progresses, Batman gains access to more and more special gadgets to aid him in reaching areas that would otherwise be inaccessible. This improves the replay value as well as giving the player areas to explore that may have been skipped during the campaign. One very nice feature is that even after the story has been completed the player can resume play to pick up missed goodies.

Another classic Batman element is the variety of stealthy ways Batman can incapacitate his enemies. He can pounce on them from around corners, sneak up on them, grab them while hanging above them or jump out from floor grates.

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There are several special moves available, and part of the fun of the game is discovering them. This encourages the player to avoid open combat as much as possible and rely on stealth. In fact, in some maps it is absolutely essential that Batman use stealth, as he cannot withstand enemy gunfire for more than a few seconds, so direct confrontation against numerous enemies is not an option.

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Typically once Batman has gotten hold of an enemy, he uses a sleeper hold to render him unconscious, or leaves him hagning upside down from a zip wire. This is accomplished by completing objectives, defeating enemies in combat, finding secrets and destroying the little chattering teeth with his batarangs. These chattering teeth are not a threat to Batman and seem to exist only for this purpose.

They skitter around the floor in almost every room of the Asylum. This game is also chock full of secrets to find and riddles to solve. While not appearing directly in the game, the Riddler gives Batman riddles to solve as he progresses through the game.


Experience what it's like to be Batman and face off against Gotham's greatest villians. Explore every inch of Arkham Asylum and roam freely on the infamous island. Recent Reviews: Developer: Rocksteady Studios, Feral Interactive ( Mac). Mac gamers are just now getting their hands on this brilliant title thanks The story of Batman: Arkham Asylum takes place in the inexplicably.

There are also "Riddler Trophies" hidden all over the game, which also give experience. Unlocking secrets rewards the player with experience, new challenges, character trophies and character profiles accessible in the game.

You don't need to be a fan of Batman to enjoy this excellent third-person action game.

Character Trophies are like miniature models of each character that appears in the game and can be viewed from any angle, as well as having a zoom feature. Players are scored on their speed, damage inflicted, use of special moves, and avoiding damage. Once the campaign mode is completed the player has access to a specially armored version of Batman for use in Challenges. Graphics The graphics are excellent, with no graphical glitches or problems noticed on the XBox version. The detail is good enough to identify objects or read words in the distance and the texture is realistic and believable.

Best of all, no "popping" was noticed on the XBox version either.

Sound The sound is crisp and great attention has been given to authenticity. The dialog between characters is easy to understand and follow, although there are optional subtitles just in case. Stability Overall the game was very stable, with only two incidents noticed in the XBox version.

At one point as Batman was entering a ventilation duct, the game froze solid and had to be switched off and on again. The error did not happen again. In another area of the game, Batman dropped down onto a pile of debris and became stuck, unable to move out of the object. The game had to be resumed from the previous save point. That's because these elusive punctuation marks are painted in two parts at different locations that are often quite far apart, so the solution requires you to find both parts and then figure out where to take the photo from so that they line up perfectly.

It's clever and compelling stuff, though it does encourage you to spend more time than you'd probably like in detective vision mode. In fact, it's likely that you'll spend a good portion of your time with Arkham Asylum in detective vision mode even if you're not looking for hidden question marks. In regular vision mode, you just get to see that this is a great-looking game with superb animation, excellent lighting, and impressive attention to detail. But when you switch to detective vision, you can immediately spot destructible surfaces, more easily locate hidden items, and spot enemies through walls.

You can even tell at a glance which of those enemies have guns and which don't because they're colored differently. It's unfortunate that the predominantly blue-with-white outlines vision mode is so invaluable because, while it's an interesting look, it's akin to reading a black-and-white photocopy of a beautifully colored comic book.

Detective vision mode makes it easy to spot nearby threats, among other things. If you're a fan of Batman comic books, you should feel very at home in Arkham Asylum. There are plenty of nods and winks to inmates who don't actually appear in the game, and even some of the minor characters have neat backstories that are faithful to their previous, infrequent appearances in comics. You shouldn't feel intimidated if you're not that familiar with Batman, though, because the game does a great job of giving you all of the information you need, as well as plenty that you don't.

For example, taking the time to read prominent character Harley Quinn's bio and listen to her patient interviews offers valuable insight into her motivations that might add to your enjoyment of the game, while unlockable information on such characters as Prometheus, Calendar Man, and Humpty Dumpty just adds a little flavor. More significant unlockable content comes in the form of eight challenge maps, which come in regular and extreme difficulties for a total of In the former, you're pitted against four increasingly tough waves of enemies and score points for performing combos, avoiding taking damage, executing ring outs, and using a variety of different moves.

In the latter, you're dropped into a level where every enemy has a gun and your goal is to take them all down as quickly as possible. The twist is that to earn a respectable position on the leaderboard in the Challenge mode, you also have to earn medals, and in order to do that, you have to deal with some of your enemies in very specific ways. During a stealth challenge, for example, earning the maximum possible three medals might require you to perform a silent takedown from behind and an inverted takedown, as well as pull an enemy down from a walkway while hanging from a ledge.

The combat animations look even better when you're afforded a close-up. The medals get even more demanding in extreme challenges, where you need to knock guys out while crashing through windows, pull floors out from underneath multiple enemies, and even cause three different walls to fall on three different thugs simultaneously.

In regular stealth challenges, the wall-mounted gargoyles are your best friends, but on extreme maps, all of the gargoyles are booby-trapped to blow up shortly after you land on them. Robbed of these safe vantage points, you have to spend a lot more time moving around on the ground, which--because you have detective vision--you can do without needing to stop and peek around every corner. Stealth gameplay is almost never this fast-paced or action-packed, and it's rarely this fun.

Regardless of whether you're getting sucked into the Story mode or competing for high scores in the Challenge mode, Batman: Arkham Asylum does an outstanding job of letting you be Batman. Everything about this game--the impressive visuals, stirring soundtrack, superb voice acting, fiendish puzzles, hard-hitting combat--feels like it has been lovingly crafted by a development team that's both knowledgeable and passionate about the source material.

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