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Was a little concerned with buying this product based on people having bad experiences with the HP auto order ink thing. Turns out you absolutely do not have to deal with that. I just plugged the printer in, connected it to my wifi, and then selected it to be my printer from Windows 10 and it's worked with no problem, never once hassling me about ordering ink.

My guess is the issue other people are experiencing comes from installing the HP software which doesn't appear to be necessary.

Epson expression premium XP-6100: £81.58, Amazon

I can also print from my phone with no problem. I'd recommend this product. Marruquin San Antonio, TX. Had to use the manual connection setup menu to connect to my Uverse router, but the whole process took less than 5 minutes. Two laptops, one notebook and three phones successfully connected and printing. The print quality is great and the replacement ink is affordable.

Only 3 left in stock - order soon. I love this printer. Prints fast, and the copy output is very bright and very colorful. This is better than my Epson printer. I've had the printer for a couple of weeks now and I really like it! I love that the paper is closed in the design both coming in and going out, so I can set things near the printer and it's not in the way of what is printing. I love my new Canon TS I did some research and even though this model doesn't have reviews yet I thought it would be better to order a NEW model with the last technology in.

And it is Apple product friendly! The size of the printer is not big and the design is very attractive. It comes with the full size ink. I love that they make it in white color. Overall I'm very satisfied and I don't regret having take the risk to order a brand new model. I ordered from canon website since they have the promotion until the end of the month. Canon IP Inkjet Printer. I downloaded the setup file directly from Canon's website and didn't bother trying to use their included CDROM because I assumed it might be full of bloatware I didn't want.

Canon includes a lengthly 3 page print cartridge alignment procedure that's triggered during the setup and anytime the ink cartridges are disturbed or replaced. This process is essential for best text and image sharpness. I'm happy to report this printer works perfectly. It prints beautiful, sharp graphics and images. The reasonably small footprint when compared to multi-function printers is a nice bonus.

It's an absolute bargain! Check out the best all-in-one printers for Mac and Windows users below. This is a multi-functional printer with superior output quality. The photos are vivid and bright, and the texts are sharp. There are five different colors of inks available. The document feeder is automatic and can take in 30 pages. Apart from printing, you can also use the product for scanning, copying, and faxing. Moreover, the output tray has extendable and retractable. You can print on paper as well as DVDs. As a matter of fact, the photo quality will be as good as lab-quality.

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Canon imageClass MFdw. Some of the smallest models can wirelessly print wallet-size photos exclusively from smartphones or tablets. If you're looking for a full-size printer, check out our overall top recommended models or our top-rated laser printers. Pros: Simple setup. It can hold up to standard sheets, and it can print up to 12 pages per minute in black and white and 8 pages per minute in color. Perfect for a simple home printer. The price is unbelievably low with enough features for home users.

Besides, you can also opt for borderless printing of photos which have a standard size of 8 x 10 inches. Furthermore, printing on recycled papers is also possible, and the prints are water resistant and fade-proof. On top of that, the printer has Amazon Dash Replenishment, and therefore, you will never run out of ink anymore.

You can also keep track of ink usage and get a warning when the ink is low.

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HP is one of the leaders in the printer segment. This all-in-one printer has a stunning design. You can print, scan as well as fax. The best feature is that it is capable of wireless printing. There is also double-side duplex printing available. It is one of the best all-in-one printers for Mac. There are also a color touchscreen and automatic document feeder available. You can print from your smartphone, tablet, PC, and laptop whenever you want. Therefore, it is tailor-made for personal as well as business use. The printer saves ink, paper, and can handle more jobs continuously in comparison to major printers available.

The print color is of professional quality. It is ideal for a small organization, and it will increase productivity. You can track printer usage and get a warning of low ink. So, there will be no scenario of you running out of ink. Various paper sizes are compatible with it, and you get a one-year warranty.

Best Wireless All-in-one Printer Deal of 2018 (WIFI & Airprint!)

This is another quality all-in-one printer from HP. It is white in color, and it is compatible with Amazon Alexa. Other than printing, you can copy, scan and do wireless printing. Therefore, you can print anything from your mobile and tablet apart from computer and laptop. All the modern features of a printer are available, and there is an app available to track the ink usage and get a warning of low ink. Moreover, there is a touchscreen option along with advanced paper handling feature which is tailor-made for professional uses. You can take printouts in various sizes of papers.

It can print as many as 24 pages in black per minutes to 20 pages in color. Therefore, it is a suitable printer for office works. You can connect this printer with your local network as well as with the internet effortlessly. It comes with a touchscreen to operate the machine. The printing quality is outstanding for both photos and texts.

All the features from scanning to printing, you get all the functionalities you expect from an all-in-one printer. The product also has a memory card for secure digital storage. The printer is also compatible with Windows 10 which is the most used OS. You do not have to install a driver separately. Moreover, there is the ink replenishment service readily available.

You can save a lot on printing expenses with this printer on your desk. The company offers one-year warranty and a lifetime web support. Brother is a popular brand in the printer industry. Moreover, it offers wireless connectivity for mobile devices. I don't miss printing color at all nor do I miss the cost associated with inkjet printers.

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For the cost it's hard to beat. I have a couple of caveats: 1. This is definitely not a high quality printer. It also struggles to print small text. I like to print text two to a page, but I can't do that with this printer because the text is too fuzzy. I've had intermittent, problems with the wireless printing. It seems to go into a deep sleep after a few days, and I have to go an manually wake it up.

This is no big deal, but then once you wake it up it takes several minutes to re-establish a connection with a computer, and when this occurs it doesn't work to plug in via a USB port Perfect for a simple home printer. My kids constantly ask me to print pictures for them to color, or I have to print black and white documents. It does the job! And it was soooo easy to set up. I've had this printer only 2 days but like it very much. I'm so tech challenged but was able to set it up with no help just by following directions 1 step at a time.

This is my first Epson, after having HPs only. I haven't yet given up on that task, though. I recommend this printer. I was told it was out of stock but got it in about a week. Be prepared, it's too heavy for a senior to handle alone. Or others, probably. I love HP printers. Over the years I have tried almost every brand of inkjet and a few laser printers too.

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The advantage of HP inkjets is that they work well even if used only occasionally. I found that other brands ink cartridges dry out even when installed in the machine. HP printers can go more than a month without printing and then print perfectly. There are two issues currently with the HP all-in-ones.

First, the document feeder cannot handle smaller paper sizes. I fax prescriptions, and the latest HPs cannot handle them without special handling. It is a design flaw that their hardware support techs admitted.

It took me 5 phone calls over a week's time to talk to anyone with a brain. It was one of the worst support experiences in my The big problem was not being able to The printer is nice.

The big problem was not being able to set it up to print. We never did get the wireless set up and struggled with the USB. Finally the USB kicked in and we have a very nice printer.