Portal 2 skipping on mac

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The permanent fix sounds great but maybe a little too abstract for some of us me. Does anyone have more concrete instructions on how to fix this if you use a eero wirless mesh router? I am not that technical and my router is a Sky router. I am therefore reluctant to start playing around with that or would not even know how too as this was set up by a Sky engineer. My speaker s have been perfect so why would they start doing this now?

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Surely this is an issue for Sonos to remedy not the non-technical people like me?! Come on Sonos, Please help here. My diagnostic number is posted on another thread too. If you want, you can just as easily refresh your IP table by unplugging all the Sonos from power, then rebooting the router.

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I was really enjoying Portal 2, having lots of fun as I run my way through a chase scene. Re: Audio skipping like a scratched CD. A lot of people seem to think this is some sort of crime against humanity, and they have been bombing meta-critic scores. Whether Valve oversold the possibilities of what might come about from people engaging in the Potato Sack CPU business is still up in the air. If anyone reads this, please send help. Or you could just buy Portal 2 on disc. The main contentions:.

Once the router comes back up, plug in one Sonos device at a time, waiting a minute between each one. Sonos just exposes the problem, especially each time it updates the software, as it causes each speaker to do a soft reboot. Assigning IP addresses is a permanent version of this fix, but in no way a requirement.

Hello Bruce Thanks for your support. Sadly, that process did not work. I conducted additional research and learned to change my WiFi channel which Also did not work. Sadly, despite my additional research, I was unable to establish how to assign individual up addresses. Thanks again. Jeff S. Andy Hi there, From your diagnostic report I see that you have been trying to play audio from your iOS device's storage.

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Do you get audio interruptions from any other source? We're investigating an issue where playback is interrupted when streaming from your iOS device's memory when you have non-Sonos AirPlay devices on the network and your iOS device goes into auto lock. This is probably why the first song isn't affected as the device hasn't auto locked yet. You can get the music streaming again by disabling AirPlay on any non-Sonos device on your network, or by disabling auto lock in the settings menu of your iOS device under display and brightness.

Another option is syncing your iPad's library with the iTunes on a computer, then setting up a music share. This is interesting to me. I realize that this is a post from a few months ago. So after 5 months, Sonos is still having this issue playing songs from your IOS memory? FYI- it does the same thing on Android.

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I've tried it and it's a similar outcome. Next, Sonos will suggest that you install a server like 'PLEX' on your computer, then use that to basically stream music to your Sonos speaker. I'll save you the trouble - this certainly didn't fix my issue the same that you're having. It plays well.


Hi, I'm having an issue where every roughly six seconds, Portal 2 will do a for Portal 2 is what's causing the stuttering effect for Mac users. Every time I launch Portal 2, the game freezes(even the menu screen) This has been a problem for Mac users for months, and seems to have.

For a while. Then it starts skipping again. I've tried hard wiring the Sonos. I've tried the Bridge. This is apparently a major problem with Sonos and I'm not sure why this hasn't been fixed yet. I will say that these issues started a few months ago. Prior to that, Sonos seemed to work as it should. So really?

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After 5 months?!?! Hi there, There is a current issue with playback from the storage of an iOS device while you have non-Sonos Airplay devices active on your network. In fact, I wonder at how some of the co-op levels are even possible with only a controller for reflex movements. Whether Valve oversold the possibilities of what might come about from people engaging in the Potato Sack CPU business is still up in the air.

As for complaints about the content being the same as Portal, the writing being trite or obvious, or the endings having been ruined by Valve, these really are just troll comments with no basis in truth whatsoever. Tagged with Metacritic , nonsense , Valve , Portal 2. If you click our links to online stores and make a purchase we may receive a few pennies.

Find more information here. One of the original co-founders of Rock, Paper, Shotgun, I tried to leave, but they won't let me.

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If anyone reads this, please send help. More by me. Wot I Think: Portal 2.

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Summer Games Done Quick speeds onto screens today. Erik Wolpaw is working with Valve again, because he never really stopped. Store Page. Portal 2 Store Page. Global Achievements. Global Leaderboards. Every time I launch Portal 2, the game freezes even the menu screen every 4 seconds, 3 seconds if the game is at its worst, and repeats freezing like that forever. The freeze duration is about a second, before going back to normal.

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Showing 1 - 14 of 14 comments. I'm guessing you are playing on Mac? If that is the case do this unless you want to use controllers in which case I can't help you : 1 Right click Portal 2 in Steam, click "Properties" and then, finally, click the "Set Launch Options" button. That should help